27 Weeks.

I went on Friday for my 27 week apartment.  I am currently up to 160lbs and +21 since the start.  I go back in 3 weeks and then every 2 and every 1 towards the end.  Only 12 weeks left!!  I still need to buy a crib, bedding and set up.  I have an idea of what I am doing just need to make the purchase.
Her heartbeat was 145 bpm at the appointment also.
Saturday I felt fine, we went to a family party for Tim's cousin's graduation.  Sunday I started feeling crappy but needed to get so much around the house done.  So I pushed myself all day, taking a nap after dinner at my parents house while waiting for Tim to come over.
Later in the night my throat was really bothering me, I went to doctors today (Monday) and have a severe sinus infection and lost my voice too.  I am on Amoxicilin and nasal spray and Tim is on meds too.
For someone who barely got sick before having kids, I am sick all the time now, both pregnancies, I won't miss this.


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