29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days

1 year from now 1.24.12 my life will be very different.  That I do know.   Breaking it up by person.

Jack: I hope he has an awesome 1st Birthday in May.  I am looking forward to planning his party and hosting it at our house.  He will have had his 2nd surgery for this ring finger webbing, I hope everything goes well for that.  He did so well the first time I hope he is the same way for the 2nd one.  In the next year he will start saying his first words, walk and turn into a toddler.  He changes daily and I cannot wait to wait the next 365 days of changing.

Tim: His business is taking off!  I hope it continues because he is truly gifted (just look at all the improvements to our house in such a short time).   He will be at the firehouse 4 years already onto the 5th.

Me:  At my job for the 2nd year, juggling Grad School and hopefully maintaining my average.  Being a great mom and I hope to have lost all baby weight.  Like to each 130 (+5 from preJack)


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