Day 24: where I live- in detail, what makes it special?

I live in Putnam County.  I have been here since 1991, left for 3 years for college (Bronx) and VA (to be with Tim).  I still only know a small section as I have never traveled more towards the Hudson River side of Putnam.
Brewster has the following Historical Sites/Landmarks:
- Doanesburg-Sears Burying Ground
- Green Chimneys Farm and Wildlife Conservation Center 
- Old Southeast Church and Walter Brewster House
- Southeast Museum
- Tilly Foster Farm
I have been to all those spots.  Either on my own or school trips.  

We also have a train station in the village, the village has drastically changed over the years.  Everything has either closed or changed hands, I wouldn't walk through the village after dark even with someone.  The movies closed, the coffee shop I hung out at during high school every weekend no longer exists, and some restaurants.  I wish the changes had been for the better.

We want Jack and future children to go to Brewster Schools, so we have 5 years to move back into the Brewster school area.  My siblings and I had great opportunities while attending the schools and I also like that it is big enough but not so big:  2 Elementary schools, 1 Intermediate, 1 Middle and 1 High school.  I graduated with 250 my siblings were with 300+.  Plus lower taxes then most of the county!

The bike path has reached Brewster!  Last summer it was only into Carmel, and I took a ride from Carmel to Yorktown.  This summer I would like to go further down with my partner Ryan and maybe even Jack since I have a cart from him to go in off the back of the bike.

I like my town a lot!!


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