Goals: Reno Plans for 2011

    • We need to officially finish the kitchen which includes a new door.  (Spring 11 project because taking off a door in the winter is not ideal).
    • Light fixture in kitchen.  We have a box for electric above the sink and it is ugly as-is so something needs to be installed.
    • Shelving unit at the built in desk area in living room.  This will be for organization AND decoration- my Willow Trees are still boxed up.  Tim is building a custom shelves for me.  This should be done by end of January.
  • TILED ROOM downstairs
    • Entryway organizer.  I LOVE those locker/coat & shoe organizers.  Tim agreed and likes the look for the tiled room coming in from back yard.  We decided instead of spending money he will build us one custom.  I like this one and it is being used as our inspiration (although it may be wider for 3 baskets:PatersonBlkPnlBncWCs3QS10

    • PAINT.  What colors and where right now are up in the air.  I want to keep the black trim in the tiled room, I think its nice, Tim wants to replace all those doors and trim.  So its TBD.
  • PLAYROOM/TV room: 
    •  PAINT!  I am thinking one accent wall and the rest just get freshened up.  I want a deep red for our gallery wall.  We have hung up pictures for various locations we have been to or our family (China, Portugal, Suez Canal, Washington DC, St. Louis, Egypt, Paris)  I love the wall and the idea of showing pictures from people we know!
    • Floor:  We haven't decided what to do other then agreeing to rip up the carpet, it does not match.  We are thinking of the Pergo wood floors OR new carpet in a more neutral color (it is blue now)
    • Closet:  we are thinking of changing the door on the walk in closet.  It faces into the playroom (last owners had a bedroom down there which had to be ripped out due to code- so wall was taken down).  If the door switches to open into the tile room then we can open up more space by pushing couches back.  Tim also wants to add a bookcase down there since all our books are also in boxes still. 
I will keep posting with progress made.


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