Day 20: Hobby

I love taking pictures.  I am not professional about it at all.  I just like to take pictures of friends, family and JACK!  I have albums and albums from High School to present, enough to fill 3-20 gallon bins in storage.  Since digital cameras came out I don't have to to print everything but can still save it.  I have started with CDs full of pictures.

This year I am doing Project Life by Becky Higgins at the recommendation of an online friend/blogger.  I ordered the project for Jack's first year, then with the moving and baby.  I figured we'll wait for 2011.

Another hobby is reading.  I am finally able to read again at night after Jack goes to bed, even when I get home from work since I don't have much to plan for work the next day.  I also got the Nook for our Anniversary and take that with me, it is so convenient to use.    I hope that Jack loves to read like his parents.


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