8 Months!!

Jack is 8 Months today.


  • Tall and Skinny like your mom and dad.  
    • 27 inches and 18lbs. 
  • You are on MEATS.  We have only tried Chicken so far
  • You eat 3-3oz cups of rice or oatmeal a day (1 with each meal)
  • 3-4oz containers of foods (fruit, meat and veggies).  You grab the spoon from us and will grab the bowl also
  • You sleep 11 hours a night. 
  • Nap 3 times a day (early morning, early afternoon and your 3-5 nap)
  • Wear 6-12, 9 months and a few 12 months depends on the brand
  • Sit up
  •  roll to wherever you want to go
  • stand (when placed) and hold on for a little bit
  • You love your jumperoo and crack up at home or at your other one at Grandma's
  • You love your walker and latest this is to wipe clean my tables and push my picture frames on the floor
  • You were sick with a virus and infected your parents, grandparents and aunt Kim, Poppa- you really got us all Jack Thank You
  • You play with all your toys and love to sit up to play
  • You love going to the babysitter (you shocked Aunt Kim when she dropped you off and there were no tears and all smiles)
  • You love the dog (all animals really) and pull him and lay on him, you have stare downs with the cat 
  • Play Peekaboo
  • splash in the tub sitting up for long periods of time- you really love the water
  • sit in a normal highchair when we are out to eat


Jenn said…
I love that first picture. If he could talk he would say "'sup?"

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