Day 26 - your week, in great detail

Past Week 1/16-1/22/11

Sunday: I babysat 2 of my favorite boys all day.  I then went out for pizza with them and my friend (their mom).  Jack spent the day with me.

Monday: No work because of MLK Day. Also Our 5th year JOP anniversary.  Tim took dog to vet in the morning and I went shopping with Kim and had lunch at the mall with her and Jack.  Tim worked at night so I went to my parents for dinner with Jack.  He loves sitting in his highchair at the table with us.  He has a wooden one there that tucks right up to the table.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY, no work
Jack and I chilled in our PJs since Tim worked all day and we were iced in.  We watched TV, played on the carpet and slept.  Jack and I had 3 naps (5-6 hours worth) and he went to bed at 9 since he did sleep a lot.  Tim came home with Starbucks (woohoo!) and we did laundry, ate dinner and relaxed.

Wednesday: 2 Hour Delay
I got to sleep in again.  I had work and Jack hung out at his Nanny's for the day so Tim could get work done.  We ate as a family.

Thursday: Full Day of Work
Jack went to our friend's house for the day while both of us had work.   I picked him up after work, and we came home to hang out with Tim.  Then we brought him to my parents house for his weekly sleep over and went to dinner with Amy and Patrick.  We got home at 11pm, I figured we'd have a snow day so I wasn't concerned.

Jack was at his grandma's for the day.  Tim and I slept in (what bliss) and then picked up around the house.  Afterwards we left to run errands before picking up Jack.  He had to go look at a job so I stayed at my parents with Jack.  Then we went to the mall and Tim met us there.  Afterwards we went to Lowes and got new hardwood floors for our house. Came home and went to bed.

Tim had work, so it has just been Jack and I.  We have played and ate all day.  He gets himself into sitting position now.  When I went to get him out of the crib he was sitting upright.  He is so cute with his 5 teeth.  We are waiting for Tim to get home and then I am heading out to meet up with friends for dinner.  The home to my family and repeat for tomorrow.


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